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Step 1 (4-7) Mac up to OS X/Win98-XP
See Entire Series: Earobics - Home Program
Item #: 012-CDR Includes: CD Rom - up to Mac X; Win 98-XP
Price: $103.00
Reading Level (Grade): K Interest Level (Age): 4-7
Author(s): Jan Wasowicz, Ph. D.

Earobics Step 1 Home Version
Description: Builds phonological awareness and language skills. Includes six interactive games with over 300 levels of play. For developmental ages 4-7. Accommodates 2 users and a guest. Is not compatible with Vista or Windows 7 or Intel Mac operating systems.
Note: Players names cannot be deleted. Features: Systematically teaches the critical phonological awareness, auditory processing and phonics skills required for learning to read and spell. Beginning, intermediate and advanced starting levels; adaptive training; tracks progress; fun for kids. Earobics Step 1 features six interactive games, each with as many as 300 levels of play, that systematically teach the critical phonological awareness, auditory processing and phonics skills required for learning to read. (Developmental ages 4-7)

Karloon's Balloons, 38 levels
Students save the clown's balloons by remembering the order of sounds they hear.
The balloons don't pop if the student correctly recalls a series of one to four sound effects, words, digits or speech sounds presented against three levels of background circus crowd noise.
Primary skills: auditory attention, auditory short-term memory, sequential memory, auditory performance with competing signals.

C.C. Coal Car, 74 levels
Students load the C.C. Coal Car with coal by identifying long vowels, short vowels and consonant sounds. They identify sounds heard in isolation, in the context of a word and by identifying the position of a sound within a word.
Primary skills: phoneme discrimination and identification, phonological sequencing, sound-symbol correspondence.

Rap-a-Tap-Tap, 16 levels
Students keep the beat by breaking words into sounds. They click once for each drumbeat or speech sound they hear, then for each syllable in a word, then for each phoneme in a word.
Primary skills: phonological segmentation, auditory short-term memory, tempo... (more)