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Dandelion Launchers Stages 8-15 Class Set (US Version)
Item #: #USDL2-CS Includes: 80 Readers
Price: $299.00
Reading Level (Grade): K-1.00 Interest Level (Age): 4-8
Author(s): Tamar Reis-Frankfort & Wendy Tweedie

Dandelion Launchers - Stages 8-15 Class Set

5 Sets of 16 different readers

Constructed for beginner readers ages 5 through 8, these books focus on combining letter sounds to form CVC words. Dandelion Launchers Set 2 (Stages 8 through 15) follows on from Dandelion Launchers Set 1 (Stages 1-7) and introduces longer words with 4 and 5 sounds and the sounds ch, sh, th, ck and ng. Each book contains fewer than 50 words.

Stage 8: CVCC
Stage 9: CVCC
Stage 10: CCVCC
Stage 11: ch,
Stage 12: sh
Stage 13: th
Stage 14: ck, wh
Stage 15: ng, qu