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Wonder Woman Series
Item #: 4005-7 Includes: Set of 8 Readers (1 of each title)
Price: $69.00
Reading Level (Grade): 3.00-5.00 Interest Level (Age): Ages 8-14
Author(s): DC Comics

WONDER WOMAN , the AMAZON PRINCESS, battles for peace and justice around the globe. With her amazing strength and intelligence, and armed with the LASSO OF TRUTH and bulletproof silver bracelets, this fearless champion is the world's greatest female super hero.

Presenting stories for struggling readers in grades 48 and featuring one of the greatest superheroes: Wonder Woman! These full-color chapter books, with original art by DC Comics illustrators, will captivate young readers and give them glowing examples of bravery, loyalty, and true heroism.

Titles and Descriptions:

Wonder Woman: Attack of the Cheetah
When a cheetah exhibit opens at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., Princess Diana arrives to witness the event. At the grand opening, the rare cats suddenly escape, fleeing through a crowd of frightened zoogoers! Diana quickly transforms into her secret identity, WONDER WOMAN, captures the cats and saves the day. But when the cheetahs continue their odd behavior, only one thing can explain it. The cat-like super-villain, CHEETAH, is on the loose!
Lexile: 620, GRL: M, ATOS: 4

Wonder Woman: Creature of Chaos
When riots erupt in downtown Washington, D.C., only one person can stop them . . . WONDER WOMAN! But as she controls the crazy crowd, the super hero is suddenly caught off guard by an even bigger problem. DEVASTATION, the shape-shifting super-villain, is out to destroy WONDER WOMAN once and for all. If the Amazonian Princess is going to stop this DEVA OF DESTRUCTION, she'll have to face her greatest weakness and learn from the lessons of her past.
Lexile: 650, GRL: M, ATOS: 4.3

Wonder Woman: Dr. Psycho's Circus of Crime
When a crime wave erupts in Washington D.C., WONDER WOMAN investigates and discovers a strange connection between the cases each criminal had recently visited the circus! The Amazon Princess goes undercover under the Big Top, and... (more)