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Sound Out InfoMag Sample Set
See Entire Series: Sound Out Phonics-Based Chapter Books
Item #: CS-2000-3 Includes: Set of 18 books (1 each of Set A, Set B and Set C)
Price: $125.00
Reading Level (Grade): 1.00-2.00 Interest Level (Age): Ages 7 - 14

InfoMAG uses Sound Out levels to make informational text highly accessible for struggling readers. Crammed with lively graphics and enticing pictures, each book contains about 15 short reading passages in a variety of engaging formats, from e-mails and blogs to restaurant menus and lists of idioms, all while maintaining a 75% decodability ratio!
Designed for independent or one-on-one reading, InfoMAG supports development of decoding skills and informational/nonfiction reading goals at the same time.

Each book contains lists of fully decodable story words and high frequency words at the end of each book.

•real world reading
•contains mostly wholly decodable words
•variety of reading subjects and forms
•ideal for teacher-guided instruction

As with all Sound Out sets, each set has three volumes at two adjacent levels. InfoMAG set A covers Sound Out levels 1 and 2 skills (see Sound Out chart). Set B will cover levels 3 and 4 skills, and set C will cover levels 5 and 6 skills.

Included for instructional use at the end of each InfoMAG book are word lists of High-Frequency Words and Content Words.