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Moon Dogs Set #3
Item #: MD3 Includes: Complete Set: 14 Books (1 of each title)
Price: $61.00
Reading Level (Grade): 1.00-2.00 Interest Level (Age): Ages 8 - 14
Author(s): Clair Baker

Moon Dogs Series Set #3

The Moon Dogs Series is designed to appeal to older, catch-up pupils at the very early stages of reading. Set 3 is the most advanced of the Moon Dog sets. All words are at CVC level with one to three lines of text to the page. This series, designed around a group of teenage friends who are in a band, offers contemporary illustrations and short, humorous stories about their lives.
Reading skills are developed through step-by-step progression which allows practice and consolidation at each level. The series complements any synthetic phonics teaching program.

Moon Dogs set 3 introduces 2 spellings for a vowel sound.
• Book 1: ai, ay
• Book 2: ee, ea
• Book 3: oa, ow
• Book 4: ur, ir
• Book 5: e, ea
• Book 6: ow, ou
• Book 7: oo, ue
• Book 8: igh, i
• Book 9: 00, oul
• Book 10: or, aw
• Book 11: oy, oi
• Book 12: ar, a
• Book 13: air, are
• Book 14: ear, eer

•Designed for guided or independent reading
•Ideal for practicing specific decoding patterns in the context of a larger narrative
•Text is supported by color pictures on each page
•Each book focuses on a set of sound-spellings for readers to practice
•Action-packed stories in short books (average 20 words per page)

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Moon Dogs Set #3 Workbook

RL: 1.00-2.00 IL: 8-14+

Includes: Workbook

Moon Dog Set #3 Workbook

This reproducible workbook complements the 8 books in Moon Dogs Series Set 3.
The activities in this workbook develop the underlying skills for reading: blending, segmenting and phoneme manipulation at CVC word level. They also teach phonic k... (more)
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