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Jason Strange
Item #: 3851-1 Includes: Complete Set - 12 Books (1 of each title)
Price: $103.00
Reading Level (Grade): 3.00-4.00 Interest Level (Age): 9-18+, ESL
Author(s): Jason Strange

Let Jason take you into a world of spine-tingling suspense: a town full of zombies, a creaky old movie theater, shadows in the night on a camping trip, a boarded-up video club with no way out. These stories will make you shiver!

23 Crow’s Perch
Henry is a little creeped out by his new apartment. Just when Henry thinks things couldn't get much worse, a former tenant pays him a midnight visit.
Lexile: 550, GR: L
Basement of the Undead
Three boys discover something terrifying in their school basement: zombies!
Lexile: 400, GR: M
The Demon Card
Whenever Mark puts his new, ultra-rare trading card into play, bad things happen to his opponents after the game has ended.
Lexile: 540, GR: L
Faceless Friend
No one recognizes Chase at school one day. Who did this to him, and why?
Lexile: 450, GR: M
Full Moon Horror
Four boys run out of gas late at night, and the moon is full. The night’s ripe for adventure—or terror!
Lexile: 380, GR: M
The Graveyard Plot
As Damon helps pack up his sickly grandfather's belongings, he stumbles upon a strange map that leads to a nearby graveyard.
Lexile: 410, GR: L
The Mothman’s Shadow
A camping trip goes horribly wrong for a group of teenage boys.
Lexile: 510, GR: N
Realm of Ghosts
A virtual battle between two gamers could mean death in real life.
Lexile: 480, GR: N
After Quentin's bike breaks down in a strange town, he and his friend become surrounded by feral cats.
Lexile: 520, GR: L
Text 4 Revenge
Three boys are getting text messages from their friend Adam. The weird thing is, Adam is dead!
Lexile: 380, GR: M
To Wake the Dead
Wouldn't you like to go to the movies . . . forever?
Lexile: 510, GR: N
Zombie Winter
Which is worse, a long, cold winter, or a t... (more)