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Item #: 9781434295309 Includes: 4 Book Set (1 of each Title)
Price: $44.00
Reading Level (Grade): 3.00-4.00 Interest Level (Age): Ages 9 - 18
Author(s): Beth Bracken

Two friends, torn apart. Soli and Lucy argue, and then Lucy disappears, taken by the faeries who live in the forest near their homes. Can Soli save her friend, even if it means facing the biggest dangers she’s ever experienced and going up against the Willow Queen?

The Hidden Things
Soli has waited a long time to be rescued from the Crows, and she is beginning to give up on her faerie kingdom and her friends. She doesn't know if the mysterious letters she's receiving really are from Kheelan, Lucy has been out of touch, and Soli wonders if there is any friendship she can rely on in Faerieground.
Lexile: 530, GR: O
The Seventh Kingdom
Just when Soli begins to accept that she will be with the Crows for life, she finds proof that the Crows have been plotting against Roseland. With Faerieground in a state of chaos, will Lucy and Kheelan come through before Soli converts to a Crow herself?
Lexile: 510, GR: O
Return to the Crows
The peace of the magical Faerieground is being threatened by war, and no one is sure who is on which side. Is Soli becoming a Crow? Where have Lucy and Kheelan been? With friendships at stake and the kingdom in turmoil, will the good faeries prevail over the evil of the Crows?
Lexile: 460, GR: O
Soli, Lucy, and Kheelan are reunited, but now one of them is in danger. Kheelan and Soli are in love, but will they survive? Can Lucy go against her mother?The kingdoms in Faerieground are about to change forever.
Lexile: 460, GR: O