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MCI Graphic Novels
Item #: 4098 Includes: Making Connections Graphic Novel Set (1 each of 9 titles)
Price: $102.00
Reading Level (Grade): 3.00-5.00 Interest Level (Age): 9-18+
Author(s): Various

MCI Graphic Novels

Making Connections Intervention provides targeted, direct comprehension instruction for struggling readers in Middle School and beyond. Middle school content with high interest topics and lower readability will engage even the most reluctant readers. Through carefully scaffolded lessons, struggling readers will learn to apply strategies to master comprehension skills—something that good readers do naturally.
This graphic novel series contains 9 titles in total. They are broken down into three reading levels, Aqua (Grade 3/3 readers), Gold (Grade 4/3 readers) and Crimson (Grade 5/3 readers).

Titles Include:
A Call In the Wild - Parents can be so annoying! Manuela's dying to get a cell phone, but her parents are totally against it. They refuse to admit that carrying a cell phone could ever be a good idea.
Pyramid Scheme - Matt is excited about his vacation to Egypt. It's a business trip for his Dad, but Matt plans on touring the pyramids and checking out the mummies. When ancient artifacts start disappearing from the Pyramid of Bakh-ra, Matt's adventure really begins.
The Quest of Perseus - Perseus was a noble warrior of ancient Greece. According to myth, he battled evil rulers and horrible monsters. In this action-packed story, Perseus meets his deadliest foe - the snake-haired Medusa! She can turn people to stone with a single glance! How can Perseus possibly defeat her?
Racing Rivals - Rachel and Nigaq are rivals at school. But homework is a breeze compared to the Junior Iditarod dogsled race. The girls and their dogs must travel 150 miles across frozen Alaska! Who will make it to the finish line first?
Recipe for Disaster: The Great Molasses Flood - Mario is so sick of molasses. His Dad works at the local molasses factory, and he brings home a lot of free molasses. Mario's mom puts it in everything, even sandwiches and sc... (more)