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It's All True! Level 2
See Entire Series: It's All True! Multi-Level Nonfiction Series
Item #: 8887-5 Includes: 5 Books (1 of each title)
Price: $46.00
Reading Level (Grade): 2.00-3.00 Interest Level (Age): 9 - 14+
Author(s): Lisa Benjamin/Susan Blackaby

This high-interest nonfiction series includes reading experiences in five content areas: Life Science, Earth and Space Science, History/Social Studies, Technology, and Careers. It introduces grades 4–8 content-area vocabulary in a medium that struggling readers can master.

It's All True! Level 2 (Most frequent 1200 words - practicing sight words helps build fluency and comprehension)

Weird Science (Living Things)
Scavengers, deep-sea monsters, and two-headed flatworms are just a few of the weird creatures, large and small, that live in our world. Beware of the eyelash mites!
Earth Gets Weird (Earth and Space)
Black holes and blue holes, chocolate hills and solar explosions. Earth and space have some real surprises!
Final Resting Places (History)
Readers visit famous and unusual tombs around the world, learning about the leaders who are buried in them—and their plans for the afterlife.
Invented by Mistake (Technology)
How are pacemakers, potato chips, penicillin, and Silly Putty alike? They—and many other inventions—were invented by mistake!
Weird Jobs (Careers)
Some people have weird jobs. In this book you’ll meet workers who design roller coasters, study garbage, make fake food, and act like aliens for a living!