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Social Skills Activities for The Elementary Grades (K-6)
Item #: 11697 Includes: Book
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Reading Level (Grade): K Interest Level (Age):
Author(s): Dianne Schilling, Susanna Palomares

Social skills are fundamental to success in life and are learned behaviors, and children should be consistently helped to develop these important skills.

The activities in this book are designed to help children become aware of the importance of effectively relating to others and to teach them social interaction skills in a deliberate and enjoyable fashion. These developmentally appropriate activities provide children with experiences that allow them to explore interpersonal relations from many angles and through a variety of learning styles. Each of the twelve instructional units addresses a specific area of skill development. Initial units focus on self-awareness which is fundamental to understanding and relating well to others.

Unit topics are:
•Managing Anger and Fear
•Positive Self-talk
•Making Positive Choices
•Communicating Effectively
•Being Responsible
•Following Rules
•Understanding Body Language
•Making and Keeping Friends
•Cooperating With Others
•Helping Others
•Appreciating Differences
•Managing Conflict

96 pages, 8.5 x 11, softcover