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Set 1
See Entire Series: Fact To Fiction
Item #: 2617501 Includes: 5 books (1 of each title) and 1 Activities CD
Price: $70.00
Reading Level (Grade): 3.00 Interest Level (Age): 9-14
Author(s): David Orme

Set I Titles
Great Disasters

Find out what makes disasters happen before reading “The Eruption” to learn who to trust when a volcano erupts.
Great Journeys
Examines some of the greatest journeys ever made. “The Big Sleep” tells of a man who spends 100 years asleep in space.
What is a mummy? Is there really a mummy’s curse? Students get the facts then read about a mummy that came back to life.
How fast can we go on land? On water? In space? In “All About Speed,” a rally driving lesson suddenly becomes very exciting.
Weird Places
Visit some of the most amazing and intriguing places on Earth. In “The Lost Tribe,” Mike and Ted are forced to land their hot air balloon on a mysterious island.

Activities CD supports each title with scaffolded worksheets to check student understanding, encourage writing and research, ensure accessibility, and more.