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Green Series
See Entire Series: DARK MAN
Item #: SE0331-A1 Includes: Sample Set: 6 books (1 of each 6 titles)
Price: $67.00
Reading Level (Grade): 2.00-3.00 Interest Level (Age): Young Adult

Who is the Dark Man? He is a hero who lives in the shadows. He shuns society. In the fight between good and evil, the Dark Man works for good. His continuing mission is to seek the Golden Cup, but he must continually fight the Shadow Masters who seek the cup in order to spread evil—war, pestilence, famine, and misery. The Dark Man can never rest.

The second six titles are 48-page softcover books with a slight degree of progression over the first six (Orange Series) and offering a more challenging read. Text is visibly separated from the illustrations providing the chunking of text and extra white space that students reading at these low levels need. The graphic black and white illustrations are dark, vivid, and adult in style evoking computer games, movies, graphic novels, etc., and appear on nearly every page. The story text is short and simple but not patronizing. Stories are gritty, full of tension and mystery. The language is terse.

The Dark Man is a serious comic hero with his own mythology. Each book is a self-contained story, but each story is a part of a greater whole. Although each novel reveals a little more about the Dark Man, the books can be read in any order.
The second six stories are 1000 words each.

The titles include:
•The Dark Candle
•The Dark Machine
•The Dark Words
•The Day is Dark
•Dying for the Dark
•Killer in the Dark