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Who Owns Kelly Paddik?
See Entire Series: Orca Soundings
Item #: 239-0 Includes: Paperback book
Price: $13.00
Reading Level (Grade): 3.10 Interest Level (Age): 12-18+
Author(s): Beth Goobie

Pushing open the car door, I dug my feet into the ground and took off for the gate. I could hear my social worker yelling, but then a huge roaring filled my ears. At the parking lot entrance, the horror movie gate still stood open, waiting for me. I had to get away – that was all I could think about. The gate grew and grew, and then I was through it and out in the street. Everything in me pulled together and began to run, fast as my heart was beating, faster. Kelly Paddik is locked up. Sent to a secure facility because she is a “danger to herself,” Kelly wants only to escape. But her painful past continues to haunt her until she is forced to face up to the most painful memory of all. A searing look at one girl’s struggle for self respect. Beth Goobie is the author of three other Soundings novels: Something Girl, Sticks and Stones and Kicked Out.