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See Entire Series: Orca Soundings
Item #: 265-X Includes: Paperback book
Price: $13.00
Reading Level (Grade): 3.20 Interest Level (Age): 12-18+
Author(s): Tanya Lloyd Kyi

It was a redheaded man sprawled across the floor in Ian's parents' room, one arm up as if he'd rolled out of bed. His arm was twisted, and the back of his head was wet with blood. Just breathe, I tell myself as I drum my fingernails on the dining room table. Don't think about it. If you think about it, Officer Wells is going to know. And he doesn't know anything. He's not looking for you anyway. I make my fingers stop tapping. When an adult neighbor is brutally murdered during a high-school house party, everyone in school seems to have an idea who did it, but no one will go to the police. Jen was there and saw the body and she has her own ideas about who is responsible. As a reporter for the school TV show, she decides to try and uncover the truth and discover if a classmate’s increasingly violent behavior is to blame. When she and others begin digging too deeply, violence flares in the small community. Finally, Jen is forced to take a stand, one that may cost her more than she could imagine. Truth was inspired by actual events and informed by Tanya Lloyd Kyi’s interest in the teen code of silence that seems to be so ubiquitous today. Tanya is a freelance graphic designer and writer. Her most recent book, Canadian Girls Who Rocked the World (Whitecap) has been nominated for the Saskatchewan Young Readers’ Choice Award. Tanya has never solved a murder. Reviews CM Magazine - January 1, 2003 "The subject matter and plot are complex, making the novel a satisfying read.
Highly recommended"
Resource Links - January 1, 2003 "With a solid plot and likable characters, this novel holds the reader's attention all the way through."