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No More Pranks
See Entire Series: Orca Soundings
Item #: 315-X Includes: Paperback book
Price: $13.00
Reading Level (Grade): 4.00 Interest Level (Age): 12-18+
Author(s): Monique Polak

Uncle Jean did the one thing you’re never supposed to do in a kayak. He leaned over hard, so that all his weight bore down on one side of the kayak. And Uncle Jean is big. We were about to capsize. Aunt Daisy’s words rang in my head, like a song you can’t forget, no matter how hard you try. “Three minutes until you lose sensation in your extremities.” I wriggled my fingers and toes. While I still could. Pete likes to play pranks. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it gets a laugh. When he impersonates his vice-principal on a radio call-in show, he goes too far and is suspended from school. Pete’s parents send him to spend the summer working with his uncle, a whale-watching guide in a tourist town far from the city. When a whale is injured by a reckless tour guide, Pete struggles to save the animal. Then Pete has to pull the most important prank of his life to bring the guide to justice. This is Monique Polak’s first entry in the Orca Soundings series. She teaches writing and English literature.