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House Party
See Entire Series: Orca Soundings
Item #: 741-5 Includes: Paperback book
Price: $13.00
Reading Level (Grade): 3.10 Interest Level (Age): 12-18+
Author(s): Eric Walters

I followed them into the living room and was met by a mass of people. My sudden courage seemed to deflate. How could I ever get this many people to leave? Just then I heard the sirens. As the new girl in a strange town, Casey is trying desperately to fit in and make friends. When her parents leave town for the weekend, her friend suggests she have a house party. Casey is reluctant to go along, until she realizes maybe this is the answer to fitting in and making friends—and getting back at her parents. They invite a few people and then a few more, using msn and text messaging. Hundreds of people show up and things get out of hand. Casey is in more trouble than she thought possible and now she must decide whether—and how—to do the right thing. Eric Walters is the best-selling author of a number of titles including the Orca Soundings novels Stuffed and Juice. Eric lives in Mississauga, Ontario.