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See Entire Series: Orca Soundings
Item #: 321-4 Includes: Paperback book
Price: $13.00
Reading Level (Grade): 3.80 Interest Level (Age): 12-18+
Author(s): Carrie Mac

Dillon wakes me up. I fell asleep in the boots and leather mini-skirt and nothing else. He's brought a friend home. The friend is grinning down at me. I yank the sleeping bag over me. His name is Barrel, and he's big and round like one "She'll do," he says. Then he leaves. "Do what?" My head is pounding. "Nothing. Don't worry about it." Dillon heads for the shower. "Go back to sleep." So I do. Izzy’s mother works far away and leaves Izzy at home, alone with Rob the Slob. Angry at her mother and trying to deal with school, friends and the attentions of charismatic Cody Dillon, Izzy finds her life swirling out of control. Coerced into putting out to help Cody, Izzy finds she is one in a long line of girls ensnared in prostitution, with no way to escape. Believing that her mother will come for her, Izzy manages to fight back and, when the chance appears, make a run for it. Charmed is Carrie Mac’s first entry in the Soundings series.