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Queen of the Toilet Bowl
See Entire Series: Orca Currents
Item #: 365-6 Includes: Paperback book
Price: $13.00
Reading Level (Grade): 3.60 Interest Level (Age): 10-14
Author(s): Frieda Wishinsky

Renata learns to be proud of who she is
When Renata is chosen to play the lead role in the school musical, students who used to ignore her start saying hello and congratulating her in the hall. She is happy until it becomes evident that Karin, a wealthy girl who expected to get the lead role, will go to great lengths to ruin Renata's reputation. Frieda Wishinsky is the best-selling author of many books for children, including Just Call Me Joe and Each One Special. Frieda lives with her husband and children.
112 pages

"Oh my god! Is that what it said?"

I wondered what they were whispering about. I walked down the hall. Two girls who had been saying hi recently didn't say anything or even look at me. I suddenly felt invisible again.

I knew something was going on but what?

A crowd was milling around the lockers, talking and laughing, but as soon as I showed up, the noise stopped dead.

A few kids coughed. A few others snapped their lockers shut and left. One girl gave me a strange look, as if I had horns growing out of my head.