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See Entire Series: Orca Currents
Item #: 700-2 Includes: Paperback book
Price: $13.00
Reading Level (Grade): 3.40 Interest Level (Age): 10-14
Author(s): Michel Martin Bossley

Bananas, bobsleds, sabotage and shenanigans.
Trevor, Nick and Robyn are ready to solve another mystery. When bobsledder Josh Gantz is accused of deliberately injuring a fellow competitor, he runs the risk of being thrown out of the sportóright before the World Cup. Courtney Gantz asks Trevor, Nick and Robyn to help clear her brother's name. Can they find out who framed Josh? What is the meaning of the strange coded messages they keep finding around Olympic Park? Who eats orange bananas, anyway? The kids must unearth the clues in a race against time, before Josh's championship dreams end up on ice.
Pages: 112

"Here they come!" Courtney learned eagerly against the railing. A blur of orange streaked past before I had a chance to see it clearly. The sled went into the turn. I watched it careering back and forth on the smooth curved ice of the track as it rocketed through the Kreisel.
"Aren't they supposed to keep the sled steady, Trevor?" asked Robyn.
"I think so," I answered. Courtney's attention was riveted to the orange sled that was fishtailing out of control.
"What's wrong?" Robyn said, just as a screech of tearing metal filled the air. Something silver had wernched loose and was lying on the ice. The sled flipped.
"Josh!" Courney screeched. The bobsled landed on its side and skidded toward the final turn, where it slowed to a grinding stop.