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Articulation Tales: Stories For Articulation Remediation
Item #: 8314-5 Includes: Articulation Tales: Stories For Articulation Remediation - Book
Price: $33.00
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Author(s): Jo Ann Gordon

Articulation Tales is a resource designed to give students the articulation practice they need in key letter sounds. Each of the 31 lessons presents an engaging story containing a range of focused vocabulary. Students have the opportunity to practice articulation of difficult sounds when reading or listening to the short passage and accompanying word list, responding to questions, and retelling the story with a page of visual prompts. In addition to articulation remediation, Articulation Tales allows therapists to target phonemic awareness, auditory processing, comprehension, articulation carryover, and expressive language skills in each lesson. Busy speech and language therapists will find that Articulation provides a versatile and flexible tool for meeting a wide range of needs within their caseload. 8.5 x 11, softcover, 136pp.