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Talkies Program Manual
Item #: 132-2315 Includes: Manual - Manual
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A Primer to the V/V Program Instructs development of mental imagery as a base for language comprehension and expression. It is especially designed for students who need simple, smaller steps of instruction to establish the imagery-language connection.
- Aligns with a theory of cognition, Dual Coding Theory, and through sequential steps, brings the nonverbal code of imagery to consciousness
- Engages individual to consciously create and access mental representations and stimulate his or her awareness of the imagery-language connection
- Develops Imagery-Language Connection; Oral Vocabulary, Language Expression & Comprehension This manual provides the theory and specific steps to implement the TalkiesĀ® program. It includes sample lessons, step summaries, illustrations, and helpful tips, and it describes the important questioning techniques that stimulate mental imagery. Especially benefits:
- Students diagnosed with receptive and expressive language delays or autism spectrum disorders
- Developmental instruction for children aged 2-5 The goals of TalkiesĀ®:
-Bring nonverbal imagery to consciousness
-Establish the imagery-language connection
-Increase oral vocabulary
-Improve language comprehension and expression

Talkies is suitable in both developmental and remedial settings.