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Test of Early Language Development (TELD-3)
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Author(s): Wayne P. Hresko, D. Kim Reid, and Donald D. Hammill

The TELD-3 is a major revision. Like the previous edition, the TELD-3 yields an overall Spoken Language score, but now it includes scores for Receptive Language and Expressive Language subtests.
-Individual Administration
Ages 2 through 7 The TELD-3 was built to ensure excellent psychometric qualities like the following:

Demographics: The TELD-3 was standardized on 2,217 children representing 35 states. The TELD-3’s normative population is clearly representative of the U.S. population as reported in the 1997 Statistical Abstract of the United States (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1997). In addition, the TELD-3 compares favorably to the projected year 2000 demographic characteristics.
Reliability: Extensive studies of test reliability (coefficient alpha, test-retest, immediate test­retest with equivalent forms, and interscorer) support the use of the TELD-3 with individual students.
Validity: Content-description validity was established through careful selection of items, controlled vocabulary, construct review by a panel of language experts, conventional item analysis, differential item functioning analysis, and form equivalence. Criterion-prediction validity was established by correlating TELD-3 standard scores with a variety of widely recognized measures of language ability (i.e., CELF Preschool, EOWPVT, PLS-3, PPVT-Revised, ROWPVT, and TOLD-P:3). Construct-identification validity was established by studying (a) the relationship of the TELD-3 standardized scores with age, IQ, and academic achievement and (b) the ability of the TELD­3’s standard scores to differentiate groups with known language problems from those without such problems.
Limiting bias: Given the general concern with potential bias in test items, the TELD-3 was examined to ensure that little or no bias relative to gender, disability, racial, socioeconomic, or ethnic groups existed. The TELD-3 was examined using differential item functioning techniques. Further, a wide ra... (more)

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