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Test of Auditory Processing Skills - 3 (TAPS-3)
Item #: 8338-2 Includes: Complete Kit - Test Kit
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Reading Level (Grade): K Interest Level (Age):
Author(s): Nancy Martin / Rick Brownell

Ages: 4-0 through 18-11
Testing Time: one hour
Administration: Individual

The TAPS-3 is a very thorough reshaping of the Test of Auditory Perceptual Skills (previously authored by M. Gardner). The most obvious change is that there are no longer two "levels" of the test - the TAPS-3 offers seamless coverage for ages 4 through 18 years.
The TAPS-3 measures what a person does with what is heard, and is intended to be used along with other tests as part of a battery. It is designed to be used by speech-language pathologists, audiologists, school psychologists, and other testing professionals. Other differences are apparent in the details of the test structure. Subtests' order has been amended to reflect a developmental progression of tasks from easiest to most difficult.
Four new subtests have been added: Phonological Segmentation, Phonological Blending, Auditory Comprehension, and Auditory Reasoning (this replaces Auditory Processing subtest from previous editions).
New items were developed for many subtests; while some existing test items were retained. The content of some subtests has been completely revised; for example, the last subtest, Auditory Reasoning, contains all new items specifically designed to tap auditory cohesion, a higher-order process.
An optional Auditory Figure-Ground task has also been added as a supplemental subtest presented via CD to flag attention problems and give feedback about how the child's auditory processing system works in "real-world" situations.

The subtests are:
•Word Discrimination
•Phonological Segmentation
•Phonological Blending
•Numbers Forward
•Numbers Reversed
•Word Memory
•Sentence Memory
•Auditory Comprehension
•Auditory Reasoning Administration and Scoring

The TAPS-3 remains an untimed test, can still be completed in about one hour and can be scored in about 15-20 minutes.
Detailed scoring... (more)

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