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The Walker Social Skills Curriculum (ACCEPTS Programs)
Item #: 0370 Includes: Program/Curriculum Guide - Guide
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Author(s): Hill M. Walker, Scott McConnell, Deborah Holmes, Bonnie Toddis, Jackie Walker and Nancy Goldman

The Accepts Program - A Curriculum for Childrens' Effective Peer & Teacher Skills ACCEPTS is a complete curriculum for teaching classroom and peer-to-peer social skills to children with or without disabilities in Grades K through 6. The curriculum, designed for use by regular and special education teachers, cognitively teaches social skills as subject matter content. The program can be taught in one-to-one, small-group, or large-group instructional formats. ACCEPTS includes a nine-step instructional procedure based on the principles of direct instruction; scripts that teach critically important teacher-child behavioral competencies and peer-to-peer social skills; and behavioral management procedures. Classroom Skills - Listening to the Teacher, When the Teacher Asks You to Do Something, Doing Your Best Work, and Following Classroom Rules
Basic Interaction Skills - Eye Contact, Using the Right Voice, Starting, Listening, Answering, Making Sense, Taking Turns, Questions, and Continuing
Getting Along Skills - Using Polite Words, Sharing, Following Rules, Assisting Others, and Touching the Right Way
Making Friends Skills - Good Grooming, Smiling, Complimenting, and Friendship Making
Coping Skills - When Someone Says No, When You Express Anger, When Someone Teases You, When Someone Tries to Hurt You, When Someone Asks You To Do Something You Can't Do, and When Things Don't Go Right