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The Listen And Learn Connection
Item #: 973-7 Includes: The Listen And Learn Connection - Book
Price: $33.00
Reading Level (Grade): 4.00-5.00 Interest Level (Age): 10-18+
Author(s): Frank W. Grace

These cross-curriculum exercises help students strengthen listening skills while stimulating interest in a wide range of subjects (biology, geology, history, astronomy, and language arts). Each of the 67 lessons includes a teacher's script, illustrated reproducible student worksheets, and discussion guide. The teacher is provided a script of short paragraphs that are read aloud, and students respond to a question at the end of each paragraph that relates to the information read. Students mark their answers from a multiple choice selection on reproducible worksheets. Each lesson targets essential critical thinking strategies:
- analogies
- drawing conclusions
- comparison/contrast
- recalling detail
- predicting outcomes
- reasoning