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Practical Ideas That Work For Teaching Math Problem Solving
Item #: 12290 Includes: Complete Kit - Manual & 10 Forms
Price: $80.00
Reading Level (Grade): K Interest Level (Age):
Author(s): Gail R. Ryser, James R. Patton, Edward A. Polloway, Kathleen McConnell

The instructional ideas presented in this kit are specially designed for teaching students who are working with problem solving skills that encompass addition and subtraction through pre-algebra or algebra skills.
The kit includes a quick, easy to use criterion-referenced rating scale, an ideas matrix, and 34 research-based strategies to improve students' skills in the following areas: reading and understanding math problems, using strategies to solve math problems, checking the reasonableness of the answer, and using what they learned to solve other math problems.

The rating scale:
•evaluates behaviors that interfere with effective math problem solving
•uses behavioral terminology from George Polya's seminal work on math problem solving
•relates the behaviors to the NCTM process standard: problem solving

The matrix:
•quickly identifies which ideas will target selected behaviors
•offers multiple ideas for each behavior

The ideas:
•include a one-page explanation of each of the 34 ideas
•list handy tips to increase each idea's effectiveness
•provide helpful illustrations and examples
•offer reproducible masters for most ideas

Complete Kit Includes: Manual and 10 Evaluation Forms (2005)

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