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The Ultimate Phonics Reading Program
Item #: SL-CDR-01 Includes: The Ultimate Phonics Reading Program - CD-ROM
Price: $96.00
Reading Level (Grade): Interest Level (Age): 4-18+
Author(s): Spencer Learning

Ultimate Phonics™ is the complete, interactive, multimedia reading program that thoroughly teaches your child/student to read with phonics. Designed by experts with over 25 years of experience in teaching reading to people of all ages, Ultimate Phonics enables your student to gain a solid foundation for a lifetime of reading success.

Windows operating system only.

- A complete phonics-based reading program.
- Self-teaching, interactive, fun and easy to use.
- Teaches your child to read with direct, explicit phonics, the kind recommended by experts.
- Starts at the most basic level of reading, then systematically progresses to an advanced level.
- Uses digitized human speech with over 4,400 words sounded out, and over 2,000 sentences.
- Ideal for beginning readers.
- Excellent for older children, adults, or learning disabled.
- Improves reading, spelling, and comprehension
- Can be used as a primary reading program or to supplement other programs.