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Critical Thinking
Item #: TCR3400 Includes: Critical Thinking - Book
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Reading Level (Grade): 4.00-8.00 Interest Level (Age):
Author(s): Teacher-created Materials

Every classroom is made up of students who have different learning styles.

Critical Thinking for Multiple Learning Styles is designed to help teachers connect with each and every student:

1.) Word Players love to read and write. They're at home in the library, and games like Scrabble and Taboo appeal to them.
2.) Questioners excel in math and science classes. They like to analyze and look for patterns, and their personal heroes are people like Bill Gates or Marie Curie.
3.) Visualizers are drawn to images and colors. They create cartoons and invent unusual gadgets.
4.) Movers enjoy physical activities. Games, skits, and demonstrations are the types of activities that appeal to them. Hands-on learning works well with movers.
5.) Naturalists view the world around them as their classroom. They are fascinated by plants and animals and outer space. They are natural observers.
6.) Music Lovers' worlds revolve around music and dance. Mnemonics prove useful to them when it comes to memorization.
7.) Socializers thrive on social contact. Collaboration and communication are the keys. Activities such as interviews, debates, and simulations really tap into their learning strengths.
8.) Individualists tend to be self-motivated thinkers. They prefer self-assessment projects, and they flourish with computer work and essays.

Critical Thinking for Multiple Learning Styles offers a multitude of lessons and activities that address the specific needs of each of these types of learners. Warm-up activities prime students for learning, and brain puzzlers keep them thinking creatively. Higher-order-thinking (HOT) strategies are stressed, as lessons focus on hands-on learning, collaboration, and real-life problem solving and decision making.
Grade(s): 4 - 8
Pages: 176