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Angling for Words
Item #: 8311-0 Includes: Complete Set - Study Book, Workbook, Teacher's Line and Phono-Cards
Price: $77.00
Reading Level (Grade): 4.00 Interest Level (Age): 9-18+, ESL, Adult Literacy
Author(s): Various

The Angling for Words instructional program is one that teachers across the country have depended on for many years… because it works! The program is carefully designed to combine auditory, tactile and motor channels. Based on classic Orton-Gillingham procedures, it offers students with learning difficulties step-step approach for mastering efficient reading and spelling skills. The key elements of the program are the Basic Angling Workbook, which focuses on building beginning decoding skills, and the Study Book and Teacher's Line, both appropriate for use with students who have skill levels of 4th grade and up. The Angling Workbook gives students added opportunity to apply the decoding skills they are learning in the Study Book. Angling for Words is an effective phonics program for elementary students and ESL and adult literacy classes. The Complete Set includes the Study Book, Workbook, Teacher's Line and Phono-Cards as outlined below. Components may be purchased separately.

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Study Book Angling for Words

Study Book

RL: 4.00 IL: 9-18+, ESL, Adult Literacy

Includes: Study book

The Study Book (green cover) breaks down language/learning into seven basic levels: Short Vowels and Consonants; Vowels-Consonant-e; r-Controlled Vowels and G(j) Consonant Digraphs; VCV Syllable Division; Vowel Digraphs; Special Syllables and Situations; and Spelling Rules. At each level t... (more)
Item: 047-0
Price: $28.00
Workbook Angling for Words


RL: 4.00 IL: 9-18+, ESL, Adult Literacy

Includes: Workbook

The Workbook is designed to be used right along with the Study Book – according to the specific needs of the learner. Pages are perforated so that as activities are completed, they may be easily removed and placed in the student’s own notebook.
Item: 048-9
Price: $17.00
Phono-cards Angling for Words


RL: 4.00 IL: 9-18+, ESL, Adult Literacy

Includes: Pkg of 8.5 x 11 sheets

This valuable supplement gives the teacher easy-to-handle color-coded cards of vowels (yellow), consonants (green), and spelling (coral) to reinforce basic language/learning. The child uses the green and yellow cards to develop and enhance recall; the teacher uses the coral cards to teach ... (more)
Item: 873-0
Price: $14.00
Basic Angling Practice Book Angling for Words

Basic Angling Practice Book

RL: 4.00 IL: 9-18+, ESL, Adult Literacy

Includes: Workbook

This versatile component of the Angling program is designed for any student needing phonetic decoding and spelling training controlled to basic vocabulary. Primary children with reading difficulties, students in learning disabilities programs, and participants in adult literacy instruction... (more)
Item: 518-9
Price: $17.00
Teacher's Manual Angling for Words

Teacher's Manual

RL: 4.00 IL: 9-18+, ESL, Adult Literacy

Includes: Manual

The Teacher's Manual incorporates the entire student text with instructions for each page. An Appendix includes a phonetic survey for pre- or post- testing, a sample lesson plan, and progress charts to display mastered phonograms in reading and in spelling for student and teacher reference... (more)
Item: 519-7
Price: $14.00
The Angling Teacher's Line Angling for Words

The Angling Teacher's Line

RL: 4.00 IL: 9-18+, ESL, Adult Literacy

Includes: Teacher's Guide

This easy-to-follow guide gives the essential background and directions for using the Angling program for teachers who have not had a thorough training in a multi-sensory, structured and sequential approach to language. It includes specific objectives for each level; evaluation tests; spec... (more)
Item: 105-1
Price: $20.00