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Math Materials - Reading Level 5 & Higher
Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks The Award Winning Math Games that Make Math Fun  RL: K-9.00 | IL:
All of the Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks games manuals below can be used to teach and reinforce basic math concepts. Each game employs the use of dice (Box Cars) and/or a deck of playing cards (One-Eyed Jacks). Note that each game lists skills taught and approximate grade levels. Many of these game id... (more)
Practical Math in Context  RL: 6.00 | IL: 11-18
Each of the six books in the Practical Math in context presents topics students are likely to encounter in everyday life. Mastery of practical math skills is the overarching goal of the series. Each book includes problems that involve estimation, equation, mental math, calculators, and critical thin... (more)
Up-To-Speed Math  RL: 5.00 | IL: 10-18+
This series brings students who have gaps in their understanding of math concepts and skills up-to-speed. "Low Gear" lessons review the basics. "High Gear" lessons extend understanding of concepts and skills. Built around widely tested skills and concepts. 96 pages For teachers
- Comprehensive Te... (more)
Up-To-Speed Math Story Problems  RL: 3.00-8.00 | IL: 8-18+
This supplementary worktext series teaches math students how to solve the kinds of word problems found on today’s standardized and proficiency tests. Based on current research, Math Story Problems provides carefully sequenced instruction in the process, skills, and strategies that successful probl... (more)