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High Interest Low Vocab Readers Adapted Classics Class Resources English as a Second Language Speech and Language Math Materials Social Skills / Life Skills Testing & Testing Aids
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Speech and Language - Reading Level 2
The Magic Of Vowels  RL: 1.00-4.00 | IL:
As children progress through the grades, we expect them to master the sounds of the 21 consonants, the long and short sounds of the five vowels, as well as the many different vowel combinations. What is amazing is that most youngsters do eventually achieve mastery. However, it is a matter of good te... (more)
Vanilla Vocabulary: A Visualized/Verbalized Vocabulary Program  RL: 1.00-8.00 | IL:
Visualizing and Verbalizing Vanilla Vocabulary Levels 1 (Grades K-3) and 2 (Grades 4-8) develop beginning and intermediate level vocabulary with imagery. Each word entry includes an easy-to-read definition and is used in four sentences for the individual to visualize and verbalize. Students compose ... (more)
Visualizing and Verbalizing Stories  RL: K-8.00 | IL:
Visualizing and Verbalizing Stories Books 1, 2 and 3 have original Kindergarten to 8th grade short paragraphs and stories to develop an imaged gestalt. Each story is high in imagery and is followed by Higher Order Thinking (HOT) questions to develop concept imagery.
Concept imagery is crucial to ... (more)
Visualizing and Verbalizing Workbooks  RL: 2.00-6.00 | IL:
Visualizing and Verbalizing Graded Workbooks provide tools to reinforce imagery and improve comprehension. Each book contains 20 or more high-imagery stories about fascinating people, animals, and subjects. Each fact-filled story is high in imagery and followed by questions designed to develop image... (more)