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Artesian Non-fiction Ancient Egyptian Mystery  RL: 3.60-4.10 | IL: 9-18+, ESL
Ancient Egyptian life has fascinated students of many cultures and times. These nonfiction mysteries explore how the pyramids were built, who the Lords of Kush were, how the Rosetta Stone was deciphered, what happened to a revolutionary king and how mummies were made. The Ancient Egyptian Series inc... (more)
Artesian Non-Fiction Disaster  RL: 5.00-5.90 | IL: 9-18+, ESL
Explore the who, what, where, why and how of some of the great contemporary disasters. Whether man-made or natural, tragedies can bring out the noblest in those that suffer or survive them. Five disaster stories that you can't put down: - Challenger
- The Kuwaiti Oil Fires
- The Last Flight of... (more)
Artesian Non-Fiction Extreme Customs  RL: 4.00-4.70 | IL: 11-18+, ESL
We all have a desire to express our individuality, status, group membership, and beliefs. The differences in our expression of these universal desires make fascinating reading. These highly relevant books provide a frame of reference for young people, many who are struggling with these same issues. ... (more)
Epic Fails  RL: 3.00-4.00 | IL: 11-18
This book series is about some of history’s most interesting Epic Fails. But the point here is not just to see how badly other people have failed. Instead, the point is to learn how the mistakes happened. In doing so, maybe we can understand the world—and ourselves—a little better.

Oh, wh... (more)
Fact To Fiction  RL: 2.00-3.00 | IL: 9-14
Get the facts and read the graphic story all in one book! A fascinating fact-finding section is followed by a story that appears on two parallel ability levels (left-facing page is text/right-facing page is graphic with minimal text) with carefully controlled vocabulary. Featuring full-color illus... (more)
It's All True! Multi-Level Nonfiction Series  RL: 1.00-3.00 | IL: 9 - 14+
This high-interest nonfiction series includes reading experiences in five content areas: Life Science, Earth and Space Science, History/Social Studies, Technology, and Careers. It introduces grades 4–8 content-area vocabulary in a medium that struggling readers can master.

It's All True!... (more)
Life of...Series  RL: 5.00 | IL: 11-18+
Bursting with hundreds of facts and the highest quality of full color photography, the Life of...Series will enthrall students of all levels with engrossing details of life in ancient times. Each title features interesting topics that will engage even struggling readers. Books are 32 pages.
Topi... (more)
Non-Fiction Natural Disasters  RL: 3.60-4.40 | IL: 9-18+
All the powerful things nature can do makes for page-turning excitement for young readers grades 4 - 12. These books capture the personal stories of people caught up in these disasters and provide a frame of reference in history and science that make these books both educational and exciting reads. ... (more)
Nonfiction Disasters Chapter Books  RL: 4.30-4.90 | IL: 9-18+
This Series of nonfiction readers will grab a student's interest from the very first page!
Designed with struggling readers in mind, these riveting 64-page, softcover books offer short chapters on significant disasters.

Each chapter is its own mini-book, which includes a timeline, key te... (more)
Problem Solver Biographies  RL: 2.00 | IL: 11-18
The lives of five courageous and dedicated men and women who gave the world printing, braille, adequate hospital care, and much, much more.

Titles include:
Johannes Gutenberg
How long would it have been before printing became a reality without Gutenbergs determination?
<... (more)
Red Rhino Nonfiction Chapter Books  RL: 1.50-2.00 | IL: 9-18+
Engage your most struggling readers in grades 3-8 with Red Rhino Nonfiction!

This series is ideal for struggling readers who are in need of age-appropriate subjects at a low reading level. Red Rhino Nonfiction is the first hi-lo children’s nonfiction series at a first grade reading l... (more)
Sound Out Phonics-Based Chapter Books  RL: K-1.00 | IL: 7-14
For years we have been hearing from special education teachers who have found the Sound Out Phonics-Based Chapter Books effective in teaching basic reading skills. Designed to follow a skill sequence that gives students multiple opportunities to practice specific phonics skills, your student will 'g... (more)
The Mountain Men  RL: 2.00 | IL: 9-16
The life of the mountain man was tough but filled with adventure. Follow the true tales of the men who first explored the American West.
Titles include:
John Colter - The First Mountain Man
Hoping to see the Pacific Ocean, young John Colter joins Lewis and Clark on their risky ... (more)
Trailblazers  RL: 2.00 | IL: 9-16
Exciting fiction skillfully combined with colorful and accurate historical and geographical events and settings. High-adventure written at a grade 2 reading level to keep your most reluctant readers reading. Titles include:

Off to Oregon
A wagon train family endures incredible hardships on... (more)
True Crime  RL: 4.00 | IL: 9-12, ESL, Adult
Bursting with facts, these books will truly enthrall struggling readers. Nonfiction titles cover high-interest topics both creepy and utterly terrifying. Each title is thoroughly researched and includes an introduction, five chapters, glossary, and index. In-the-scene photography captures students' ... (more)
What on Earth Series #1  RL: 2.00 | IL: 9-16
Science facts are woven seamlessly throughout this series featuring an enthusiastic and lively group of 14-year-old students tasked with presenting a video report on sugar, salt, wood, glass, and water. Tess, Nate, Sam, and Val work as a team, discovering how the science of ordinary things affects t... (more)
What on Earth Series #2  RL: 2.00 | IL: 9-16+
Basic science facts combine with stories of discovery in this series about four friends who venture away from their hometown in search of science subjects for their school video reports. Tess, Nate, Sam, and Val work as a team learning about habitats, from the arctic to the rainforest.

The ... (more)