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Improving Writing: Resources, Strategies, And Assessments  RL: K | IL:
Provides teachers with all the background they need to help students improve their writing skills. A variety of strategies, assessments, and resources meets the diverse needs of students.
Practical Guide to Handwriting  RL: | IL:
Like other skills, handwriting must be taught and practiced if it is to be useful for a child or adult. In special education or rehabilitation settings, it is sometimes difficult to find time for either handwriting instruction or practice because there are so many other areas that may need attention... (more)
Practical Ideas That Work For English Language Learners  RL: | IL:
The instructional ideas presented in this kit are specially designed for teaching 4th - 12th grade students served in programs for English Language Learners (ELL), limited English proficient (LEP), and English as a second language (ESL). The kit includes a quick, easy to use criterion-referenced rat... (more)
Put It In Writing  RL: 3.00-8.00 | IL:
This book begins with an eloquent and entertaining narrative about the writing process and then provides a diverse collection or reproducible writing ideas that will stimulate each student’s creativity while strengthening writing skills. Reproducible pages range from simple sentence completion exe... (more)
Raised Line Paper  RL: K | IL:
Right-Line Paper is a unique product designed to be used by individuals who have difficulty staying in
the lines of regular paper. Both children and adults can benefit from this transitional writing tool. This unique paper provides feedback and seems to help motivate students to improve their wri... (more)
Remediation Of Reversals The "Magic Rulers" Program  RL: | IL:
A great program either for primary-grade youngsters or for those in higher elementary grades in remedial instruction programs. Through the use of "Magic Rulers," this program gives students an error free introduction to reading and writing easily reversed letters and numerals. The rulers prevent rev... (more)
Springboards For Writing  RL: | IL:
Do you have middle and high school students who can hardly write a single correct sentence? Do you wonder how to help them at this late date? Try Springboards for Writing, a carefully developed, sequenced writing program which features daily student writing and group discussion on three basic concep... (more)
Write-on/Wipe-off Handwriting Desk Mats  RL: 5.00-8.00 | IL: Ages 5 -8
Reusable mats for handwriting activities with dry or wet-erase markers.

•5/8"H lines and drawing space on one side to support picture-text connections for early readers; reverse features lines only
•Provides opportunities to practice handwriting, sentence bu... (more)