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Reading & Reading Comprehension
Articulation Tales: Stories For Articulation Remediation  RL: | IL:
Articulation Tales is a resource designed to give students the articulation practice they need in key letter sounds. Each of the 31 lessons presents an engaging story containing a range of focused vocabulary. Students have the opportunity to practice articulation of difficult sounds when reading or ... (more)
High Noon Reading Comprehension Program  RL: 1.00-4.00 | IL: 8-13
Practice the Basics! - Hi-Lo Reading Comprehension Activities for Reluctant Readers

Reading comprehension is the springboard to successful reading. Students can often miss this crucial link between decoding and fluency, thus lacking a key strategic learning tool.
The High Noon Reading Com... (more)
High Noon Reading Fluency  RL: 1.00-4.00 | IL: 8-13
High Noon Reading Fluency is a four level program designed to give students the extra practice they need to help build fluency in reading.
Reading fluency is commonly defined as the seamless mastery of speed, accuracy, and comprehension. It is a crucial benchmark that defines success in reading,... (more)
Imagine That! Series  RL: K | IL:
This series complements the V/V program and provides stories with which to practice building imagery for oral and written language comprehension. These challenging, high-imagery stories introduce unusual topics for students to visualize, including natural disasters, legends, unique animals, odd plan... (more)
Improving Reading: Strategies And Resources  RL: K | IL:
The NEW edition of Improving Reading is full of ideas for teachers who work with individual students or groups of students in reading. Several new strategies are included to strengthen oral reading, expand comprehension, work with parents, motivate and engage students in reading, and master a variet... (more)
Nonfiction Reading Comprehension  RL: 1.00-6.00 | IL:
After reading brief nonfiction passages about science, geography or history topics, students answer multiple-choice and shot-answer questions to build seven essential comprehension skills. Each workbook is 48 pp. Complete Set includes all 6 Workbooks from Grade 1 to 6.
Phonic Reading Lessons: Skills and Practice  RL: K | IL:
This classic step-by-step phonics program has been newly revised by Nancy Mather and Rhia Roberts. Originally developed by three esteemed education pioneers Samuel and Winifred Kirk and Thorleif Hegge, The program has been used widely to teach reading to students who have failed to learn by other me... (more)
Practical Ideas That Work For English Language Learners  RL: | IL:
The instructional ideas presented in this kit are specially designed for teaching 4th - 12th grade students served in programs for English Language Learners (ELL), limited English proficient (LEP), and English as a second language (ESL). The kit includes a quick, easy to use criterion-referenced rat... (more)
Read-Reflect-Respond  RL: 3.50-4.00 | IL: 10-18
This series is especially designed to quickly improve your student's ability to understand and retain what they read. The A to D organization of the workbooks provides progressively challenging activities ranging from simple recall to evaluations requiring higher-order thinking skills taught earlier... (more)
Reading Comprehension & Vocabulary Development  RL: 2.00-11.00 | IL: 9-18
Reading Comprehension: Vocabulary Development Series - Ignite the interest of your reluctant reader and rekindle the enthusiasm of your accomplished one with these high-interest Reading Comprehension Workbooks.

Each book includes 10 original, exciting and informative short stories that co... (more)
Reading In Context  RL: 4.00 | IL: 11-18+
This dynamic series was designed for students who still have trouble understanding what they read. All lessons (16 in each worktext) feature a two-page reading selection followed by four pages of correlated exercises. The emphasis is on variety for maximum interest and involvement-traditional readin... (more)
Saddleback High-Interest Reading Comprehension Strategies  RL: 3.00-8.00 | IL: 8-18+
Every book in the Reading Comprehension Skills and Strategies Series contains 125 plus reproducible pages - more than 125 activities - that combine solid reading comprehension skills reinforcement and enrichment with reading comprehension strategy instruction.
Based on current educational standa... (more)
See Time Fly : Visualizing and Verbalizing History Stories  RL: 4.00-12.00 | IL: 9-18+
See Time Fly - History Stories develop an imaged gestalt of history, in a stunning series of heavily illustrated books. Each Flight focuses on an event, time period, person, or invention that changed history. The fun fact-filled stories are high in imagery and are followed b... (more)
Seeing Stars Program Manual, 2nd Edition  RL: K | IL:
Symbol Imagery for Phonemic Awareness, Sight Words and Spelling

Seeing Stars is an integrated reading and spelling program. The program helps stabilize phonemic awareness and assists in the development of sight words and spelling. Specific steps of imaging letters for phonemes through multi-s... (more)
Talkies Program Manual  RL: K | IL:
A Primer to the V/V Program Instructs development of mental imagery as a base for language comprehension and expression. It is especially designed for students who need simple, smaller steps of instruction to establish the imagery-language connection.
- Aligns with a theory of cognition, Dual Cod... (more)
The Listen And Learn Connection  RL: 4.00-5.00 | IL: 10-18+
These cross-curriculum exercises help students strengthen listening skills while stimulating interest in a wide range of subjects (biology, geology, history, astronomy, and language arts). Each of the 67 lessons includes a teacher's script, illustrated reproducible student worksheets, and discussion... (more)
Vanilla Vocabulary: A Visualized/Verbalized Vocabulary Program  RL: 1.00-8.00 | IL:
Visualizing and Verbalizing Vanilla Vocabulary Levels 1 (Grades K-3) and 2 (Grades 4-8) develop beginning and intermediate level vocabulary with imagery. Each word entry includes an easy-to-read definition and is used in four sentences for the individual to visualize and verbalize. Students compose ... (more)
Visualizing and Verbalizing Stories  RL: K-8.00 | IL:
Visualizing and Verbalizing Stories Books 1, 2 and 3 have original Kindergarten to 8th grade short paragraphs and stories to develop an imaged gestalt. Each story is high in imagery and is followed by Higher Order Thinking (HOT) questions to develop concept imagery.
Concept imagery is crucial to ... (more)
Visualizing and Verbalizing Workbooks  RL: 2.00-6.00 | IL:
Visualizing and Verbalizing Graded Workbooks provide tools to reinforce imagery and improve comprehension. Each book contains 20 or more high-imagery stories about fascinating people, animals, and subjects. Each fact-filled story is high in imagery and followed by questions designed to develop image... (more)